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The Safe Buying Process

مراحل إختيار الخزنة المناسبة

Each customer will have a different set of safes requirements. Although many will have similarities there are usually differing circumstances. This will limit the choice to certain makes and mode. For example, space might mean you are restricted to a certain size.
The following step-by-step buying guide process helps you tick off the process. Detailed steps is shown below.

Step 1: What Size Do You Need ما حجم الخزنة الذي يناسب مقتنياتك

Take a cardboard box. Put all the items inside that you want to store. This will give you an idea of the internal measurements you need in order to keep all your items or cash secure.
Measure the box and keep a note of this.

Step 2: Calculate The Value إحسب قيمة المقتنيات التي تريد حفظها

what do you want to put inside the safe? the total value of your valuables will guide you on the budget that you want to spend. for example if you have a 10,000$ worth of jewelry and 10,000$ cash, then probably you should find something not less that 2% to 10% of the value which is  400$ to 2000$ Safe! 

Step 3: Where Is It Going To Be أين ستضع الخزنة

Depending on the type of safe you choose, you should find a propper location for it at your house or business.

for example if the safe was small, it should be in a hidden cabinet like your clothing cabinet. 

if the safe was heavier than 200KG, then you can put it in a more exposed area like the living room , since it will be difficult to move or break into. 

once you find the perfect location for your safe, measure the space area and write it down.

Step 4: Buy Your Safe قم بإختيار الخزنة

now you have 3 important information : (Size, Budget, Space), you should be able to find the perfect safe that fits your needs. be aware of the risks you might have. if you leave the house for a long period of time, you should choose certified safe that can handle up to 2 hours of direct fire. and if you travel very often or you want to insure your valuables are safe, choose a burglary resistant safe which is approved by insurance companies. 

Choose a safe for your Grand children

الخزنة استثمار تتوارثه الأجيال

Safes are made to last for a 100 year ! so look for something that your grandkids will use.

إن عملية شراء خزنة حديدية  هو إستثمار على المدى الطويل ، حيث ان العمر الإفتراضي للخزنة يتخطى 100 عام ، فالخزنة الجيدة تتوارثها الأجيال !



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