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5GHz 12dBi Dual Polarity Omni Antenna ANT12-5G360


SKU ANT12-5G360 Category
SKU ANT12-5G360 Category



ANT12-5G360 5GHz 12dBi Dual Polarity Omni Antenna is designed for PtMP solutions for private ISP wireless connectivity and CCTV surveillance. Pair with Tenda basestation B6, it delivers 360° coverage for end client and the transmission range can be up to 1km.


Main Features

• 12dBi high gain
• Dual polarization design
• Two RP-SMA Radio Connector
• Operating frequency at 5100~5850MHz
• Mount pole Diameter 30-70mm

Additional information

Device Type



TENDA  distributed by Smart Security in Lebanon has the trust of many users around the world. They are a leading brand in supplying networking devices and equipment. Moreover, their devices are available in more than 95 countries. Thus you can see the amount of trust they have with the public. In addition, their products are very reliable and are very easy to use. Whether it is using or setting up you can be sure that you will have a steady signal. Smart Security provides you with a variety of routers, modems, repeaters, and hotspots in Lebanon at a very competitive price. All these TENDA devices from Smart Security are made to provide you with the greatest signal quality in Lebanon. So contact us now and our experienced operators will be glad to help you with choosing the best device to suit your needs.


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