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Digital LED Voltage Current Meter


Din-rail AC voltage and current meter can display AC voltage and current at the same time.


If the measuring current is lower than 99.9A, you can get the AC current only making the wire across the hole which in the right side of the meter.


If the measuring current is higher than 99.9A, you should connect meter with a current transformer.


  1. Connect the measuring voltage to the 1 and 2 terminal on the bottom left of meter.
  2. Install current transformer as graph 1. Connect the wires of secondary transformer to the terminal of 3 and 4 on the meter surface. Make the measure wire across to the hole of current transformer.
  3. If measuring current between 0.1 and 99.9A , see graph2, you can get current only making the wire across the hole on the bottom of the meter, and the direction of insert do not impact the measure result.


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