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DORS 800 Multi Money Counter


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SKU DORS 800 Category
SKU DORS 800 Category


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DORS 800 is intended for counting of US Dollars, Euro and other world currencies with simultaneous authenticity verification, denomination recognition and with note sorting by orientation, face and denomination.

  • Quick solution for every cash handling task: batching, sorting by denomination and orientation.
  • The actual database of the world currencies and counterfeit notes.
  • Validation block of DORS 800 provides 9 kinds of authenticity verification, including 4 machine-readable features.
  • The path’s configuration allows to reduce the number of jams and stops significantly..
Displaycolor LED 4.3″ (11cm)
Counting speed, banknotes per minute600/900/1200/1500
Pocket’s capacity
800 banknotes
200 banknotes
100 banknotes
Types of detection:
     Visible image+
     IR image+
     Comparison of IR and visible images+
     MG control+
     UV control+
     Optical density control+
     Control of banknote’s length and width+
     Note integrity control+
     Double note control+
Power supply100-240V ~ 50/60Hz
Power consumption, at most240 Вт
Dimensions,  (WхDхH)305х295х345mm
ManufactureDORS Industries LTD





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