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Golden Gate Money Disinfecting Machine UV/Ozone Sanitization Box Chamber


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SKU Golden Gate Category



The Golden Gate provided by Smart Security is one of the best devices in Lebanon to safeguard you from viruses.

It is a sanitizing device that is able to disinfect most items that its box can hold.

Certainly these days you are at risk from viruses more than ever. Thus it is important to have a device that can purify your things without destroying them. That is why you need this device offered by Smart Security.

It can keep you safe and your mind at ease, Smart Security provides you with the Golden gate.

In particular, this device can disinfect and purify most of the items that you put in its UV sanitization box.

Moreover, this device can sanitize many items including, Money, Mobiles, Jewelry, Keys, Masks, Gloves, Clothes, Slippers, Caps, Fruits, as well as vegetables.

So with so many items that it can sanitize, this makes it the perfect device for any home company or office.

It is recommended that you Do not use your naked eyes to see the lights, and do not expose body parts to UV lights.

“The color of the device may be different, but functionality and features are the same.

Its key features are:

  • Automatic Disinfecting Time 20 Minutes
  • Capacity: About 3000 Notes (30 Bundles ,100 Pcs/bundle)
  • Uv Lamp : 2 wavelength 185+254 Nanometer (1.2W) Uv intensity : 3000 Microwatt
  • Power Source: 220V/50HZ/240 V
  • It can be used for Currency sanitizing Mobile, sanitizing Jewelry, sanitizing Masks, sanitizing Gloves, sanitizing Keys, sanitizing clothes, sanitizing slipper, sanitizing caps, sanitizing fruits, sanitizing vegetables, Sanitizing paper, Sanitizing Books

So call us today at Smart Security and let our professional operators help you with a free consultancy today.

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