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GPS Tracker With Mobile Application 24/7



  • 100$ For The GPS Tracker
  • Annually Subscription 100$ Additional Cut Off Relay 30$
SKU gps-12-months Category
SKU gps-12-months Category



  • 100$ For The GPS Tracker
  • Annually Subscription 100$ Additional Cut Off Relay 30$


The GPS Tracker system in Lebanon provided by Smart Security is your best way to know where your car, van, or truck is at all times.

Moreover, the GPS is able to follow your vehicle anywhere it is in Lebanon and even the world.

Additionally, you are able to turn your car off using this GPS system by using the Smartphone application that comes with the device.

Furthermore, you are able to set the areas where your car can to go especially if you lend your car to your kids. Thus, if they go to a place you don’t want them to you can simply turn off the car using the application.

Add to that, this system is able to save a record of the driving history of the vehicle for up to 2 years.

Besides that, the system has a phone application that can send you notifications about your vehicle if the speed limit is exceeded or any sudden event.

finally, this GPS system is perfect to manage a fleet of vans or taxis or any operation that is linked to logistics and can provide detailed reports.

Features of the GPS tracker:

  • First, the GPS can track your car anywhere
  • Secondly, it can turn off your car from your mobile
  • Furthermore, you can Setup zones and customize notifications
  • Additionally, you will receive Notifications for Speed Limit Exceeded, Harsh Braking, Harsh Turning, Area Entry or Exit
  • Moreover, this GPS can Keep a Tracking History of the vehicle for 2 years
  • Likewise, it is able to provide you with detailed Reports
  • Fleet Management and Tasks platform

This Package Includes:

  • GPS Tracker
  • 1 year/12 Months Subscription (80$)
  • Free Installation

The most user-friendly GPS tracking platform

All-in-one platform for your business needs

With 1000+ device models, white-label branding, custom billing, web access, mobile apps, scalable and secure cloud environment in under a minute! To get started with your own service, select the edition you will need: Hosted, Cloud or On-Premise.

Intuitive Web interface and Mobile apps

iTrack implements the latest trends in Web and Mobile app development. That brings great user experience to your corporate and private customers, wherever they are, with no need to use your own servers or specific software.

Powerful Admin panel & Customization

You can fully customize your service, set packages and prices, manage user accounts and configure devices remotely with the iTrack Admin Panel. That makes your services unique, highly competitive, and cost-effective.

User Web Interface

Smart and simple – this is what your users will say about your service. Intuitive web interface embeds the latest technologies, looks great and works fast. And it meets the whole range of applications – from pet tracking to sophisticated enterprise solutions.

Mobile APPS

Wherever your users are, they get the agility and insight on any mobile device. iTrack gives free ‘X-GPS’ apps for all major mobile platforms so users can control their assets from anywhere and locate other people with GPS in their smartphones or tablets.

So if you wish to keep your family or business safe then you will need this device to keep a close eye on them at all times.

Call us Now and let our professional operators help you keep your business on the right track and you family safe wherever they are.


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