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Hitachi iHunter ih-210 Multi Currency Counter

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Features of Hitachi iHunter ih-210:

Compact Size with Full Function 3 Pockets

  1. Similar size to 2 pockets machine
  2. Saving workspace and minimize the cash processing movement
  3. Selective pocket for fitness options: ATM, FIT, Reject


Advanced Technologies

  1. Full color Dual CIS Sensor, Equipped with a range of counterfeit detection technologies
  2. Capture and Record of OCR, MICR and Barcode
  3. Can be installed more than 32 currencies
  4. Multi-currency mode (Up to 16 currencies can be counted at once)
  5. Reliable Fitness sorting/ Excellent tape detection performance


User-Friendly System

  1. 2-Teller mode/ Multi-user mode
  2. 5“ Full LCD Color Touch Screen (Angle adjustable)


Remote monitoring & management system

  1. Related Application: Smart Integration Manager (SIM)

Specifications of Hitachi iHunter ih-210:

CurrencyUp to 32 currencies including Mix & CNT
(Mix & Multi up to 16 currencies)
Operating SpeedCountingMax. 1,300 Notes/min
Value/ Fitness CountingMax. 1,200 Notes/min
Serial NumberM
Recognition & Printing
Max. 1,000 Notes/min
Pocket CapacityHopperMax. 1,000 Notes
Stacker x 2Max. 300 Notes (Mint condition)
Reject Pocket x 1Max. 200 Notes (Mint condition)
Display480 x 272 TFT LCD (5 inch), Touch Screen
Dimensions382 (W) x 417 (D) x 340 (H) mm
WeightApprox. 21 Kg
User InterfaceLAN, USB(Serial) x 2, USB(host), RS232C x 3
Power Supply100 – 240V ~ 50/60Hz
Sensor InformationFull Color Dual CIS
Reflection (R, G, B, IR, UV) x 2, Transmisson(IR)
Magnetic Sensor(Full Line)
Thickness Detection Sensor(12 Channel)
UV Reflection, Transmission (8 Channel)
OptionsExternal LCD Display, Thermal Printer

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HITACHI money counter distributed by Smart Security is the solution to all money counting troubles. This machine is the Superman of money counters the cheese topping on your pizza. So in a nutshell it is going to make your night counting your cash so much easier. Gone are the days where you have to count your money by hand with all the human error that comes with it. Moreover, this machine will make sure that no fake money can slip by while it counts them really fast. Thus with HITACHI provided by Smart Security, you and your money are safe and sound. So call us now at Smart Security and let our experienced operators answer all your questions.


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