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Somfy Video Intercom KIT VSYSTEMPRO PREMIUM For A Building




A building video intercom solution that can manage up to 12 apartments. With VSYSTEMPRO, you are choosing a reliable and durable product, easy to fit no matter what the layout of the installation. A technology solution that is scalable and flexible


General informations

VSYSTEMPRO Premium io video door entry unit for 2 homes

  • 1 to 12 Premium io indoor monitors with:
  • 7 ” color TFT display – 400 x 480 pixel
  • Integrated io radio control to control 5 Somfy io products or groups of products
  • Internal storage of time-stamped photos, and possibility of exporting to a micro SD card (not supplied)
  • Silent mode
  • Intercommunication possible with an additional monitor
  • A passive distributor

A surface mounted 2 call button door station composed of a frame and an outdoor module

  • Wide angle camera: H161 ° / V101 °
  • Integrated badge reader
  • Night vision by IR leds
  • A 230V multi-device power supply unit

Product benefits

  • Thanks to geolocation, gate, garage door and lights are activated automatically just before arriving at the house. The gate and the garage door close once the car is parked.


  • Comfort in use :

– Integrated 5-channel remote control to control your gate or gate with one click, raise your blind, light your garden and close roller shutters, for example.
– Intercom function

  • Customizable system:

– One or more door stations, one or more indoor monitors
– Outdoor code keypad module you can customize your installation as you wish.

  • Peace of mind:

– Check the identity of the visitor day and night thanks to the wide-angle camera and its infrared LED.
– Your badge reader allows you to enter your property and then deactivate your alarm with a simple gesture



SOMFY provided by Smart Security is the world leader and innovator in home and gate automation. Furthermore, their 50 plus years of experience in the field makes them the most sought after brand in the world. They are present in more than 56 countries. Thus earning the trust of many buyers and companies around the world. Moreover, their brand is environmentally aware which means that they are eco-friendly. Smart Security is the exclusive distributor for Somfy products in Lebanon. So you know that We have their trust if an international brand gave us such exclusivity. The solutions at smart Security are many and will meet your needs whatever they are. First on the list of products at Smart Security is the video intercom  Solution, which helps you know who the visitor is.
We have the full projects and packages section
These Full gate projects are offered for the first time in Lebanon. these projects off you a full gate solution from A to Z including installation at the best price in the market. Then we have the Alarm packages. These packages are also first in Lebanon thanks to Smart Security. they offer you a complete project from start to finish installation included. Next, in the case that you are not looking for a package but only for a product then Smart Security has you covered. We have gate products and accessories for all your needs to keep your gates sunning flawlessly. Also, we provide Alarm products and accessories, that are going to keep your home safe and secure. Then we have the home automation, as well as smart home products. these devices will help you control your using your phone or remote. All these products will help make your life easier and more secure. So call us now at Smart Security and get your free consultation from our professional operators.

Additional information

Number Of Appartments

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12


Somfy (France)


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