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LIDIX CL 2 Currency Counter


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SKU LIDIX CL 2 Category
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SKU LIDIX CL 2 Category


Out of stock

Free Delivery For Giving A 5 Stars Review!


Multi Currency Counter

Easy SW upgrade by SD card
Dual CIS sensor to recognize S/N
Easy Maintenance

Counterfeit Detection
Auto currency function
Accurate notes detection

Dual CIS (Highlighted)
One Pocket Value Counter

Dual CIS system
Dual Side Serial Number Recognition
30 Currencies adoptable
Auto Currency
3 Selectable Speed System
4.3″ Color Touch LCD
Easy Maintenance

SpeedValue Counting1,200 / 1,000 / 800 notes/min
Fitness SortingNone
Dual Serial Number Recog.Possible
Operating ModeMix, SP, Count, DIR, Add on
Software UpgradeEasy upgrade through SD Card
InterfaceSD-Card, LAN, RS232C
Multi Currency ProcessingAuto & Multi Currency (30 Currencies)
Electrical Spec.AC100~240V 50/60H
Dimension270(W) x 232(W) x 226(W)
SpecificationDual CIS, Ultrasonic, UV, MG, IR
OptionsSerial No. Recognition & OCR
30 Currencies adoptable
TITO Scanning
Auto & Multi Currency
LCD Customer Display
Thermal Printer




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