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Magner Model 350

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multi-pocket banknote counter and sorting machine

The Magner 350 is a multi-pocket banknote counter and sorting solution available at Smart Security Lebanon.

Designed for mixed denominations, the adjustable counting speed allows counting of both new and unfit banknotes with several sorting features. The Magner 350 includes a touch screen interface, user friendly operation, and easy maintenance. High connectivity also allows the operator to project onto a bigger screen if needed using the embedded operating system Windows CE.

Applicable Currencies: Maximum of 10
Speed: Piece/value: 1,000 notes/min
Fitness: 700 notes/min
Hopper Capacity: 600 notes
Stacker Capacity: 200 notes x 3
Reject Capacity: 100 notes
Feed System: Friction Roller
Display: 7 inch Touch Screen Full Color LCD and 5 Manual Function Keys
Denomination Detection: Full line MG (magnetic) sensor, IR transmission, UV reflection
Thickness of currencies: 0.08-0.12mm
Size of currencies: W: 100-190mm, H: 60-90mm
Dimensions: 534(W) x 455(D) x 481(H)mm
Weight: 47kg
Power supply: 100/240V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption: 249W

Counterfeit Detection: Full Image IR Transmission (CIS), Full Line MG (Magnetic; 16 channel), UV Reflection x 1 (6 channel)
Serial Number and Barcode recognition: Up to 500 notes/min
Fitness Sorting: Tape, Dog-ears, Soiled, Torn, Holes, Graffiti, etc (12 Channel Tape Sensor, CIS)

Connectivity: LAN (100 BPS), RS232 Serial Port x 2 (Thermal printing), USB Port x 3 (upgrading, PC), DE-15 Pin (image/video out, alternative to HDMI)



MAGNER money counters provided by Smart Security are the leaders in adaptive currency processing equipment. providing the world with reliable products at the best affordable prices is always their mission. Furthermore, they have the certificates and the experience to prove their claims. Now with Smart Security, you can have your own Magner and make your life a lot easier. Moreover, you no longer have to stay back at the office counting money after the day is done. Also, you don't have to lose your time during the day wasting precious moments waiting for the result. More importantly with all the fake money in the country let MAGNER from Smart Security help you detect them. So depending on your need you can be sure that Smart Security will always deliver you the best. So call us now at smart Security to get all the information you need from our experienced operators. You will thank yourself for it.


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