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Megasafe HS 65 Burglary Safe Grade 3 290KG


SKU Megasafe HS 65 Burglary Safe Grade 3 290KG Category
Free Delivery For Giving A 5 Stars Review!
SKU Megasafe HS 65 Burglary Safe Grade 3 290KG Category


Free Delivery For Giving A 5 Stars Review!


MEGASAFE High Security Safe ref:HS65
External Dimensions (H*W*D)(mm): 650x500x530
Inside Dimensions (H*W*D) (mm): 500x350x290
Weight: 290kg

Constructed of inner and outer steel plates electrically welded together and enclosing 90mm of the new CS 12000 MONOLITH barrier material This material was developed as an anti weapon penetration barrier and it provides the most sophisticated means to withstand the most concentrated attacks by:
Heavy-duty oxyacetylene torches and unlimited gas supplies.
Power drill, hammers, cutters, chisels and other forcing tools.
In addition, Z reinforcement bars welded to the inner and outer body mixed with special alloy grid to perform a unique solid body.
Fire test:
Two hours fire test including 30 minutes exposure to explosions and changing in ambient temperature, exceeds European norms
Standard features:
1 S&G Combination lock with a key locking Dial Made in USA
1 Double Bitted high security changeable key locks with removable
Glass plate with two relocking devices protects the entire mechanism area an attack by tool, torch or explosive will shatter the glass thus preventing the safe from being opened.
Lock options:
Digital combination lock S&G Made in USA

Digital combination lock LA GARD Made in USA

The most advanced protection available on a TL 15 equivalent safe in the world!

For more information on the all new Megasafe HS Series safe, please contact us at (973) 691-0382 for more information.

The all new HS Series is designed and constructed to withstand the impact of burglary and fire, unlike any safe in its class! This TL-15 Equivalent safe is perfect for storing both valuables and documents.

Composite Burglary and Fire Resistant

  • Adjustable shelves
  • Can be equipped with 1 or 2 independent locks
  • 2 mounting holes on bottom for bolting safe securely to floor
  • 2 hour fire resistant rating class 350º


  • Overall thickness of 6″ with protective barrier of 2½”
  • The combination of the barrier materials protect from excessive burglary attacks.

Body & Lock

  • Constructed out of inner and outer electrically welded steel plates.
  • The locks are equipped with a Group 2 U.L.-listed combination lock.
  • Has secondary optional U.L.-listed key lock.
  • U.L.-listed electronic key locks can also be equipped.


Measuring System: U.S.

ModelInside Dimensions
Outside Dimensions
HS 4012.
HS 5013.813.812.619.719.720.9540
HS 6519.713.811.425.619.720.9639
HS 7021.617.713.427.523.621.6816
HS 8527.517.713.433.523.621.61,050
HS 10033.517.713.439.423.621.61,080
HS 13045.321.615.451.227.623.61,285
HS 16058.329.523.263.035.531.52,238
HS 18065.029.523.271.035.531.52,588
HS 20072.825.619.378.731.527.62,866



MEGASAFE distributed by Smart Security is a brand that produces top-ranked safes that deliver the best security for your valuables.

Furthermore, their start was humble in 1914 but has risen up to be leaders in the security industry until now.

MEGASAFE has over 100 years of experience and innovation. Accordingly, Smart Security delivers all that history, knowledge, and security to your doorstep.

Additionally Smart Security offers you a wide range of choices that will surely satisfy your needs.

Smart Security’s line of Burglary safes offers you top protection and assurance that your possessions are safe and secure.

these safes are built to withstand any thief that is stupid enough to challenge them.

They start at a lightweight by MEGASAFE standards of 290 kilograms and reach a dumb-founding 1,250 kilograms.

Moreover, their height range begins at 65 centimeters reaching a maximum of 160 centimeters.

All these features and more are available to you when you call us at Smart Security.

So Call us now and get in touch with our highly capable operators that will help you through the process.

Additional information


Megasafe (Europe)


Price Range


Safe Certificate

Grade 3

Safe Type

Burglary Resistant (Jewelry Safe)


Very Heavy (200 – 2000 KG)


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