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Panasonic Cordless phone KX TG6821


SKU KX-TG6821 Category
SKU KX-TG6821 Category



The Panasonic Cordless phone KX TG6821 provided by Smart Security is a great phone to own in Lebanon.

Moreover, this Panasonic phone provides you with the feature of showing the caller’s ID. Thus you are able to view who is calling you and decide whether to pick up or not.

Additionally, the phone has a rechargeable battery. Consequently, you will save a lot of money on buying batteries and be eco-friendly.

Furthermore, You are able to save the names of your contacts in the phone’s phonebook. Likewise, the phone saves the numbers of callers in its caller ID memory.

Features of the Panasonic Cordless phone KX TG6821:

  • 1.8-inch White Backlight LCD
  • Noise Reduction
  • Advanced TAM

Actually, this phone has an advanced answering system. Thus you can receive messages while you are away or unable to answer the phone.

Moreover, it has a do not disturb mode, which will help you to have time to relax without disturbing phone calls.

Additionally, it has an Eco mode plus to conserve power. Indeed, this will save you a lot of money when you have to pay the electric bill.

Likewise, the phone makes paying your electrical bill a joy. To illustrate it has an Eco mode function to use as much power as you need.

Furthermore, the screen is big enough so that you can read well. Actually, it is  1.8-inch with a white illuminated display.

Additional information:

Besides, you can connect up to 4 base units to the main unit as an extension. So, you might ask how many languages are available on the phone. Apparently, the phone has 3 main languages Arabic, English, and Persian.

Also, it has a power backup operation which will allow you to keep talking even during a power outage.

Finally, it has a nuisance call block function built into the phone. Truly, you can block any annoying person that you do not wish to speak with.


Specifications of the Panasonic Cordless phone KX TG6821:

General information about the Panasonic Cordless phone KX TG6821

Handset (Quantity)1
Frequency1.9 GHz
Frequency Range1.88 GHz – 1.90 GHz
Number of Channels120 Channels
Number of Phone Lines1.0
Multiple Handsets CapabilityUp to 6 Handsets
Multiple Base Units Capability
LCD LanguageEnglish,
LCD LanguageArabic,
LCD LanguagePersian
Key Finder CompatibleY
Key Finder Compatible* Please contact Panasonic or authorised sales department for availability of “key finder” in your area.
Power Back-Up OperationY
Power Back-Up Operation* The built-in power unit supplies power to base unit to continue conversation in the case of a power outage.
Power Back-Up OperationAfter running out of power unit in base unit, the handset supplies temporary power to base unit.
Baby Monitor
Night ModeY
Clear SoundY
Call RestrictionY
Distress Call
Low Radio PowerY
One Touch Eco ModeY
Repeater AvailableY


Mobile Registration Number
Ring as Cell Mode
Text Message Alert
USB Charging

Caller ID/ Phonebook

Caller IDY
Caller ID* Requires subscription to Caller ID and / or SMS service offered by your telephone company.
Caller ID Memory50 items
Caller ID Memory* Requires subscription to Caller ID and / or SMS service offered by your telephone company.
Call Waiting Caller IDY
Call Waiting Caller ID* Requires subscription to Caller ID and / or SMS service offered by your telephone company.
Category Ringer / Ringer ID
Category Display Colours
Furthermore, the Talking Caller ID (Handset)
Additionally, the Talking Caller ID (Base Unit)
Talking Caller ID Language
Incoming Call BarringY(50 numbers)
Incoming Call Barring* Requires subscription to Caller ID and / or SMS service offered by your telephone company.
Voice MailY
Voice Mail Alert (Light-Up Indicator on Handset)
Handset Phonebook Memory (Name/Number)100 items
Handset Phonebook Memory (Name/Number)(16char/24digits)
Base Unit Phonebook Memory (Name/Number)
Shared Phonebook
Phonebook Copy (Handset to Handset)Y
Phonebook Copy from Cellular Phone via Bluetooth
Speed Dial (Handset)Y
Speed Dial (Base Unit)
Chain DialY(Handset)


LCD1.8 inch
LCDFullDot Monochrome
LCD103×65 pixels
LCD Backlight ColourWhite
Illuminated KeypadAmber
Speakerphone (Volume Steps)Y(6-step)
Icon Operation (Number of Icons)Y(6)
Ringer Pattern (Tone+Melody)40(10+30)
Polyphonic Ringer Melody32 chord
Ringer Volume Steps6+OFF
Receiver Volume Steps4.0
Redial Memory10(Name & Number)
Redial Memory* It requires registration in the phonebook to display the name.
Digits of Redial Number24.0
Auto Redial
Ringer/ Charger Indicator (Colour)Y(Amber)
Smart Function KeyY
Noise ReductionY
Customized Sound System (Equalizer)Treble/Bass
Conference Call with Outside Line
Call Share
Intercom (Handset to Base Unit)
Intercom (Handset to Handset)
Any Key AnswerY
Alarm (Wake-up / Memo alarm)Y/Y
Advanced Alarm (A day of the week / Snooze)Y/Y
Key LockY
Bluetooth Headset Capability
Headset Jack
Reversible Handset Charging
Secure Grip
Short Stroke KeyY
Wall Mountable (Charger)

Base Unit

Dial Keypad
Corded Handset (Power Outage Operation)
Display7-segment LED
Speakerphone (Volume Steps)
Ringer Pattern (Tone+Melody)1(1+0)
Ringer Volume Steps6+OFF
Redial Memory
Auto Redial
Handset LocatorY
Wall Mountable

Answering System

Answering SystemY
Total Recording TimeAbout 30 min
Fast-Forwarding and Rewinding MessageY
Audible Message AlertY(Base Unit)
Message Alert (Light-Up Indicator on Handset)
New Message Notification by a CallY
Announcement Language of New Message NotificationEnglish
New Message Notification by an SMS
Visual Message List (Handset LCD)
Recording Conversation
Speaker Volume (Base Unit Speaker)8+OFF
Call screening (Handset)Y
Call screening (Base Unit)
Language of Pre-recorded Greeting MessageEnglish
Remote Operation from HandsetY
Remote Operation from Outside (DTMF)Y
Toll Saver (New Messages Recorded / No New Message)2/5


Key Finder Included (Quantity)
Repeater Included
Belt Clip Included

Optional Handset

Optional Handset
Rechargeable BatteryNi-MH(AAA x 2)
Talk TimeUp to 15 hours
Standby TimeUp to 170 hours
Charge TimeAbout 7 hours

Power Consumption

Standby Power Consumption0.8 W

Dimensions/ Weight

Base Dimensions (W x D x H)107 mm × 86 mm × 77 mm
Handset Dimensions (W x D x H)48 mm × 29 mm × 164 mm
Charger Dimensions (W x D x H)70 mm × 70 mm × 39 mm
Key Finder Dimensions (W x D x H)
Repeater Dimensions (W x D x H)
Base WeightApprox. 120 g
Handset Weight with BatteryApprox. 129 g
Charger WeightApprox. 39 g
Key Finder Weight
Repeater Weight


Thus, adding this Panasonic cordless phone is a good investment for a better, home, office, or business.
Indeed, having a cordless phone will give you the freedom that you need when you don’t want to stick to one place while talking. To illustrate, you can pick up the phone in your living room while talking in your kitchen at any time or place.

Additional information



Device Type



PANASONIC distributed by Smart Security is the leading company in developing diverse electronic devices. their devices help millions around the world to complete their daily tasks with ease. Furthermore, for 100 years, PANASONIC provided the world with the best phone innovations. Also, they have held the number 1 global rank for cordless phones for years, and they intend to keep that spot with more innovations. Smart Security Always provides you with the best because they believe that you deserve the best. So their lines of products have all your needs regarding PANASONIC telephone devices and accessories. First in the lines of products are the PBX boxes that allow you to communicate internally (within your company) and externally (with the outside world). Next, you have the extension cards that allow you to add more functions to your telephone solution depending on your need. Then, there are the classical corded phones that provide the best quality call as expected. Also, we have the cordless phones, these bad boys provide many functions. The best function that they provide is giving you the freedom to take calls from anywhere from home. Finally, we have the business phones category. They come with a wide array of functions and features depending on your needs. So call us now at Smart Security, and get in touch with our professional operators to help you out.


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