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Panasonic Uniden Corded Phone AS 7101

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The Panasonic Uniden Corded Phone AS 7101 provided by Smart Security is a great phone to own in Lebanon.

Moreover, has a redial function which will allow you to redial the last number that is on the phone with one touch of a button.

Furthermore, it has a Speakerphone. After all, all good phones feature such a function because it allows users to receive and call hands-free or allows conference calls.

Additionally, you can turn the ringer on or off for the best relaxation from annoying callers after your working hours or during the weekend.

Also, The phone has a flash function. Likewise, it allows you to switch between calls on the same line if there is a call waiting.

Apart from this, The great amount of time provided by the Flash function allows you to hold a call for a long time without fear of losing a call on the line.

Along with the ability to mount this Panasonic Uniden phone on the wall which gives you more options when doing interior design.

Also, to give you more options for your home, this phone comes in two great colors. Thus you have a variety of options when making your choice.

To illustrate, you can have the formality of black and the serenity given by white.


Features of the Panasonic Uniden Corded Phone AS 7101

  • Redial Function
  • Ringer On / Off
  • Flash Function
  • Flash Time Selectable (100 / 300 / 600ms)
  • Wall Mountable
  • Available Color – Black / White


Thus, adding this Panasonic Uniden corded phone is a good investment for a better, home, office, or business.

Additional information





PANASONIC distributed by Smart Security is the leading company in developing diverse electronic devices. their devices help millions around the world to complete their daily tasks with ease. Furthermore, for 100 years, PANASONIC provided the world with the best phone innovations. Also, they have held the number 1 global rank for cordless phones for years, and they intend to keep that spot with more innovations. Smart Security Always provides you with the best because they believe that you deserve the best. So their lines of products have all your needs regarding PANASONIC telephone devices and accessories. First in the lines of products are the PBX boxes that allow you to communicate internally (within your company) and externally (with the outside world). Next, you have the extension cards that allow you to add more functions to your telephone solution depending on your need. Then, there are the classical corded phones that provide the best quality call as expected. Also, we have the cordless phones, these bad boys provide many functions. The best function that they provide is giving you the freedom to take calls from anywhere from home. Finally, we have the business phones category. They come with a wide array of functions and features depending on your needs. So call us now at Smart Security, and get in touch with our professional operators to help you out.


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