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Welion Battery Charger 12V 40A

SKU Welion 12V 40A Battery Charger Category
SKU Welion 12V 40A Battery Charger Category


The Welion Battery Charger 12V 40A sold in Lebanon by Smart Security Y.C.C will allow you to charge your car battery safely.

Additionally, it has a  constant current mode. Thus, the charger will work under the constant current mode and supply the constant current for the battery.

Moreover, using the pulse with modulation (PWM) will ensure that you can fully charge the battery and avoid overcharging.

Also, the floating charge mode will tell you when the battery is full, after which the light will turn green. Therefore, the charger will turn off in order to keep the battery from overcharging.

Furthermore, this battery charger is great for most batteries, because of its premium design.


Features of the Welion Battery Charger 12V 40A:

  • Furthermore, it has a floating charge mode
  • First, it offers a Constant Current mode
  • Moreover, it has a Constant pulse modulation

Finally, Buying this battery charger is the best way to have a steady supply of electricity to your home all year round.

So call us today at Smart Security and allow our professional operators to help you make your house a beacon of light all year round.


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Smart Security is one of the official suppliers of Welion Solar energy equipment in Lebanon. At Smart Security, we aim to bring every home, and business in Lebanon the electricity that every Lebanese citizen needs. We have the best solar energy equipment including: solar panels, gel batteries, solar lamps, home kits, solar street lights, and flood lights. Having 24 hours of electricity for your home or business in Lebanon is no longer a dream; and it can be yours right now. Just call one of our professional employees because they will help you set up the best system suitable for you today! We provide you with real warranty and in house repair. Thus, you can be sure that you are buying the best quality solar products with 100 percent warranty.


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