business security

To have a secure, safe, efficient and productive working environment.

Every Business Must Have

Surveillance Camera System

we provide the latest technology in surveillance to make your business safe for your staff and visitors.
CCTV Packages

Fire And Intrusion Alarm

having a reliable alarm at your business will give you peace of mind at your presence or absence.
Alarm Packages

Telephony And Fax Solution

now you can interconnect your branches, record all calls, and being able to use your office phone from your mobile over the internet.
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IT Infrastructure And Internet

businesses are relying on the internet to work, that's why we have a set solutions to keep you always connected.
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Attendance And Access Control

attendance machines are essential to increase your business efficiency and to keep your working environment safe.
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Office Supplies

as we like to always stay at your service, we introduces a full line of office supplies like printers, shredders, ink cartage's, or A4 papers.. etc.
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Money And Currency Counter

a small mistake in counting your money can make you loose not only money, but your trust in your employees. Get a reliable money counter now.
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Safes And Vault Doors

sometimes the only safe place to keep your valuables is under your watch and at your property. check our professional line of Safes now.
Safes Products

Safety And Fire Protection

when there is an emergency, your business must be ready with fire extinguishers, water houses and escape planes.
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Visitor Counting

knowing how many visitors are stepping into your business every day can be very informative to increase your sales efficiency. get your visitor counting solution now.
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People And Car Plate Recognition

modern security camera can identify people identity or a plate number, and you can use this information for security, staff monitoring, or sales insights.
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Gate And Parking Solution

automate your gate, or have a parking system like what you see in a shopping mall, we have it all.
Gate Packages

Queue System

the long line of clients should not affect your customer experience in a negative way, that's why a queue system will make it a delightful experience for you and your clients.
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GPS Tracking

track your vehicles anywhere from your phone, and you can switch them off in case of thrift or violation. get a GPS tracking system now.
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