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16 IP SECURITY CAMERAS 4MP Ultra HD Full Package


Out of stock

Installation ,Cabling and Transportation are Calculated Upon Site

SKU 16cam-ip-4mp-full Category
SKU 16cam-ip-4mp-full Category


Out of stock

Installation ,Cabling and Transportation are Calculated Upon Site


If you need a surveillance system for your home or office, we got you a complete project with a transparent price! Smart Security offers the Best Security System for a house or small business. our top-of-the-line IP surveillance system provides sharp recording and playback for your home or business. With the free downloadable EZVIEW app, you can watch over your property remotely and receive alerts when motion detection is triggered. Gain quality video surveillance and peace of mind with our complete security camera project.

Upgrade Your Lifestyle

Experience extensive video coverage with the all-new 4K security system
with H.264+ compression that helps double your storage space.

Capture the Bigger Picture

4MP cameras are capable to record up to 2688 x 1520 HD resolution,
doubling image size of 1080P cameras.

Unparalleled 4MP Quality

Zoom in without losing small details with 4MP clarity. See
more in detail to capture what’s most important to you

Weatherproofing with Full Metal Casing

Rated IP66, the operating temperature can go as low as -22°F and
up to 140°F. Place them indoor or outdoor, where you need those
extra security measures. Metal casing and vandal proof shell
ensures your camera can not be tampered with easily.

Gain Complete Awareness to Your Camera’s Surroundings

Receive push notifications when motion is detected anywhere on the
camera, or have the ability to customize exact areas you always want
to be alerted whenever there’s any movement. This is ideal if your
camera must face a busy street – customize so you only get alerted to
what’s only important to you.

Smart Search Made Easy

Further your camera’s capabilities by utilizing professional functions
such as smart search. The system will allow you to fast forward to
moments of motion in custom masked areas during playback.

Be There, Even When You Can’t See

Night vision technology helps you capture images when the human
eye cannot – the camera’s IR is capable to reach up to 100ft even
in the darkness

Save More, Record More

Have the freedom of longer storage capability with smarter
codec and compression with H.264+. Double your recording
with less the hassle.

Capture the Bigger Picture

Utilize the ultra wide 105° angle lens, cover wall-to-wall
easily by placing the camera in a corner. Capture
all details, with less cameras

Plug and Play Setup

Easy to configure, access, and setup. Simply scan a QR code, and
instantly connect. It’s fast and reliable!

A Greater Freedom of Choice

You have control over it all – have the ability to connect and expand
your security with other ONVIF compliant systems. Enjoy the simplicity
of Plug-and-Play.

All of the Above, in One Single App

Enjoy your new window to your home even while on the go, 24/7
with the free mobile app EZView. Download it free from
Apple Store or Google Play today.


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