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Hikvision 8 TVI 5MP Extreme HD SECURITY CAMERAS Full Package


Installation ,Cabling and Transportation are Calculated Upon Site

SKU 8cam-5mp-full Category
SKU 8cam-5mp-full Category


Installation ,Cabling and Transportation are Calculated Upon Site



The Hikvision 8 TVI 5MP Extreme HD SECURITY CAMERAS Full Installation Package offered by Smart Security will help you save cost because of its great price!


  • Extreme HD 5MP (2592 x 1960) High Definition HD cameras
  • Extreme HD  DVR with surveillance hard-drive Seagate sky Hauk
  • H.265+ compression saves 85% of your storage space
  • IP67 Weatherproof rated camera
  • Operating Temperature Range -22°F-140°F
  • No monthly fees, free mobile app included for remote viewing
  • BNC connection and 12V power male terminal
  • Industrial power adapter with a metallic body
  • Motion detection settings allow you to record only when motion is triggered in targeted areas
  • The Smart Search feature can save you search time by automatically fast-forwarding to points of detected motion in customizable marked areas
  • Easy backup via USB connection or web browsers.
  • Cables Are not included


Smart Security offers the Hikvision 5MP Extreme HD surveillance system. All you need in one box. Protect your world by owning the all-new Extreme HD 5MP color night vision surveillance system designed for business or home. It comes with powerful 5MP cameras that you’ll absolutely love the clarity. It comes with a pre-installed surveillance grade 1TB HDD and boasts advanced H.265+ compression, conserving up to 85% of space. This system is backward compatible and will also be a great upgrade replacement for your HD systems.

Capture the Bigger Picture with Hikvision 8 TVI 5MP package
The Extreme HD 5MP (2592 x 1960) camera provides
150% more pixels than the standard 1080p cameras.
Enjoy clear, precise images with less pixelation when if
you need to zoom into finder details that are far away.


Gain Complete Awareness to Your Camera’s Surroundings

Receive push notifications when motion is detected anywhere on the camera, or have the ability to customize exact areas you always want to be alerted to whenever there’s any movement. This is ideal if your camera must face a busy street – customize so you only get alerted to what’s only important to you.

Smart Search Made Easy

Further your camera’s capabilities by utilizing professional functions such as smart search. The system will allow you to fast forward to moments of motion in custom masked areas during playback.

Weatherproofing for All Scenarios

Rated IP66, the operating temperature can go as low as -22°F and up to 140°F. Place them indoor or outdoor, where you need those extra security measures.

A Hassle-Free Upgrade

Update your older system to Extreme HD 5MP
without having to replace your wiring. With backward
compatibility, this system can utilize your existing cables.
Just simply swap out the cameras and DVR and you
have an effortless upgrade.

Improved Efficiency with Hikvision 8 TVI 5MP package

Quickly find specific footages you actually want to see with
Smart Search. This feature included in your DVR can assist you to
locate any specific recordings out of countless others. The feature
can locate specific behaviors such as general movements and up to
missing objects in the camera’s field of view

Save More, Do More with H.265+

Record more footage with new encoding technology to enjoy
longer storage capabilities. With advanced compression
technology, save up to 85% times more recordings on your DVR.
The improvements will also allow bandwidth efficiency to view
your recordings faster than ever before.

Be There, Even When You Can’t See

Night vision technology helps you capture images when the human eye cannot – the camera’s IR is capable to reach up to 65ft even in the darkness.



The Hikvision brand in Lebanon is provided by Smart Security who are one of its leading partners and dealers. We provide over 200 Hikvision products for the Lebanese market. Smart Security company has been presenting after-sale service for over 5 years with direct examination of Hikvision main office. Smart Security ensures a wide range of HIKvision products such as:
  • IP network, analog, and HD CCTV cameras
  • Digital and network video recorders (DVR/NVRs)
  • Video encoders/decoders
  • Video management software
  • Access control and alarm systems
Smart Security is not only the biggest agent but also is a leader in HIKvision solution integration.  Moreover, our continuous after-sale service helped in expanding the brand reputation in Lebanon. Also, we have a committed team for technical support, as well as to keep all our customers satisfied. Additionally, to protect the person you love or for your workplace,  Smart Security each year adds new success in the field. Proof of this, we have smart integrated security systems solutions with lower cost. In short: better service for clients.
  • Unified hardware and interface
  • Unified user data
  • Shared software & hardware resources
  • Improved management strategy
  • Better business intelligence
  • Lower maintenance cost
On the other hand, our trusted brand HIKvision is considered a leader in this field. Then, you will enjoy access to various multi-technical and commercial resources and services in our company. Finally, our Smart Security Company employed licensed and highly trained staff, so that we can stay in contact with our loyal customers.


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