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Electric Stun Gun Self Defense WS-669


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SKU WS-669 Category
SKU WS-669 Category


Out of stock



This compact device for self-defense is easily placed even in the smallest handbag or pocket. In its size, the ws-669 is slightly larger than the mobile phone.

A characteristic feature of this model is a fairly strong acoustic effect and allocated for ozone. The electric discharge, created by the choker, causes the attacker to spasms of muscles and severe pain.

The visual and acoustic effect created by the electro choker repels aggressive animals.

Ws-669 is also equipped with a built-in flashlight and a cover for comfortable wearing of the device on the belt. A special fuse protects the shocker from accidental pressing.

Without additional recharging, the device can be produced up to 300 discharges.

Battery charge for 5 hours, after that, the device is able to keep the charge for six months (if it is not used).


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