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FERRIMAX 1435 Grade 6 BURGLARY SAFE Certified Safe Graded


The VI Series Safes have been designed and manufactured according to the European Testing Standards for Safes EN 1143-1, obtaining the grade VI. Our manufacturing process has been certified by Applus and Aenor, guaranteeing that the delivered product has the same construction features than the tested one. The three models that make up the Series VI are probably the best safes ever manufactured by the Physical Security Industry in Spain.


Model External dimensions (mm) Internal dimensions (mm) Occupation sizes (mm) Weight (Kg) Volume
High Width Depth High Width Depth C D F L *
CF-1410 850 795 610 570 515 260 1262 467 1192 680 1040 76 1
CF-1420 1350 795 610 1070 515 250 1262 467 1192 680 1560 143 2
CF-1435 1700 950 710 1420 678 350 1572 622 1447 785 2470 337 3




Manufactured with an external envelope and an internal one, made of steel, double armoured barrier and an internal armour made up by high resistant composite materials, with metallic fibres, which provide them with great resistance.
The wall thickness is 140 mm.


The door thickness is 210 mm, including the closing system. The armour thickness is 140 mm.

Locking Devices

The closing mechanisms are distributed throughout the surface of the door and operate individually on powerful cylindrical vertical bolts of Ø 30 mm and horizontal bolts of Ø 40 mm. The number of bolts varies according to the model of the safe. A minimum of 5 to a maximum of 7 bolts will need to be used.

Locks and Relocking Systems

Locks: two double bitted key locks Class C (EN 1300)
All the models of the VI Series Safes are protected with relocking systems as standard.


Locking Devices

– Mechanical or electronic combination lock
– Time delay lock
– Telemanagement electronic lock
– Alarm connection

Inside Fittings

– Key-lock cupboard
– Shelf
– Pullout shelf
– Lockers, grade B
– Kit for guns and weapons
– Ink staining system
– Antigas system
– Fire kit
– Other options are available, according to the customer’s needs


All the internal and external surfaces of our safes are protected with antirust primers and paint.
The safes can be covered with wood or leather.


Ferrimax dark grey






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