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Fuse Holder Base RT18-32(X)


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SKU RT18-32(X) Category
SKU RT18-32(X) Category


Out of stock


The Fuse Holder Base sold in Lebanon by Smart Security Y.C.C is the best solar accessory that will give your solar panels the best performance.

First, this fuse holder can support fuses with sizes that can reach up to 10*38mm.

Additionally, the fuse holder is able to work under heat that the rated current can cause, it can tolerate around 10 KA of short impacting current.

Next, you can use this fuse base as a fuse disconnecting switch by multiphase combination.

Moreover, this base fuse can provide the function of cutting power, and that will protect your devices from any possible power surges.

furthermore, this base fuse has a locking mechanism when it is disconnected and that will protect you from wrong operations.

Likewise, it has an indicator that will show to the user when the fuse line breaks.


Features of the Fuse Holder Base:

  • The fuse holder is a supporter of fuses with sizes up to 10*38mm.
  • They are capable of working under heat caused by rated current and expected short impacting current up to 100KA.
  • It can also function as a fuse disconnecting switch by multiphase combination.
  • They are two in/outlines at the RT18N fuse base, providing a power cut function.
  • The RT18L type has a safety lock to lock the fuse carrier when disconnected to avoid the wrong operation.
  • it can also be equipped with an indicator, which goes on when the fuse line breaks.
  • The price Does not Include The Fuse


Finally, this solar accessory is great for any solar panel in Lebanon as well as for any Solar energy project. Thus you can be sure that it will allow your solar panel the best performance.

So call us today and we at Smart Security Y.C.C will help you make the best choice for your solar energy project in Lebanon!



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