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HIKVISION DS PWA32 K Wireless Intrusion Alarm AxHub Kit


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Out of stock


The HIKVISION DS PWA32 K Wireless Intrusion Alarm AxHub Kit is a great alarm kit provided by Smart Security in Lebanon.

Moreover, the kit supports up to 32 wireless inputs, 4 wireless output expanders, and offers multiple communication methods including LAN as well as Wi-Fi.

Additionally, it supports up to 2 channels with onboard video verification in order to minimize the incidents of false alarms. Thus it will show you about 2 seconds video before the alarm sounded and 5 seconds after the alarm sounded giving a clearer picture of the situation.

Furthermore, it offers reliable protection by making use of two-way wireless technology. Thus the communication between the devices in this kit has a long range and is reliable at the same time.

Add to that, the wireless connection between the devices reduces the installation time and cost of extra cable extensions, and the communication range between them is up to 800 meters in open areas which is a pretty great thing.

The Kit contains the following products from Hikvision:

  • First, it contains the DS-PWA32-H (White, 433MHz) x 1
  • Next, it contains the DS-PD2-P10P-W x 1
  • Then, it contains the, DS-PD1-MC-WWS x 1
  • Finally it contains the, DS-19K00-Y x 1

Detection Performance

  • The detection Range is 10m(DS-PD2-P10P-W(433MHz))
  • The Angle of  detection is 85°(DS-PD2-P10P-W(433MHz))
  • Velocity Range0.3m/s ~ 3.0m/s(DS-PD2-P10P-W(433MHz))
  • Pet Immunity24kg(DS-PD2-P10P-W(433MHz))


  • Partition4
  • Onboard Video ClipsUp to 2-ch onboard video
  • Tamper-ProofTampering alarm(DS-PWA32-HSR(433MHz) Front, rear, and bracket tamper signal input(DS-PD2-P10P-W(433MHz)) Front and rear(DS-PD1-MC-WWS(H)(433M))
  • ScheduleAuto Arm/Disarm Schedule
  • SMS NotificationSupport
  • Phone Call NotificationSupport
  • Phone Numbers8
  • Signal Strength IndicationSignal Strength Indicators (SSI)
  • Firmware Undate ToolsWeb client / iVMS-4200 / Hik-Connect
  • Configuration ToolsWeb client / iVMS-4200 / Hik-Connect
  • ApplicationiVMS-4200, and mobile APP
  • ProtocolSIA – Contact ID; EHome v5.0
  • IC Card5
  • User13 (1 installer, 1 administrator, and 11 general user)


  • Alarm Input32
  • Alarm Output32
  • IndicatorLED

RF Transmission

  • Radio Frequency433MHz
  • The RF Modulation2GFSK(DS-PWA32-HSR(433MHz)) FSK(DS-19K00-Y(433MHz))
  • The speed of the radio frequency is 10kbps(DS-19K00-Y(433MHz)、DS-PD1-MC-WWS(H)(433M))
  • The Range of the radio frequency is 800m (Open Area)(DS-PWA32-HSR(433MHz)、DS-PD2-P10P-W(433MHz)、DS-PD1-MC-WWS(H)(433M))300m (Open area)(DS-19K00-Y(433MHz))

Electrical Characteristics

  • Power Supply5 VDC,10 W(DS-PWA32-HSR(433MHz) CR2032 3.0V, 2-year power supply(DS-19K00-Y(433MHz))
  • Battery Type4520 mAh lithium backup battery(DS-PWA32-HSR(433MHz) 1×CR123A(DS-PD2-P10P-W(433MHz)) 1×CR123A, 3.0V(DS-PD1-MC-WWS(H)(433M)),CR2032 3.0V(DS-19K00-Y(433MHz))
  • Battery Life SpanRechargeable lithium battery, supports up to 12h power supply(DS-PWA32-HSR(433MHz) 2 years Battery life (DS-PD2-P10P-W(433MHz)、(DS-PD1-MC-WWS(H)(433M))、(DS-19K00-Y(433MHz))
  • Power Consumption< 5.6 W


  • Wired Network10M/100M Self-adaptive
  • Network EncryptionAES-128 encryption
  • The Wi-Fi Standard is 802.11b/g/n
  • It supports Wi-Fi Encryption
  • Wi-Fi Channel2.4 G


  • The operating Temperature is between –10 °C to 55 °C(DS-PWA32-HSR(433MHz)、DS-PD1-MC-WWS(H)(433M)、DS-19K00-Y(433MHz)) ‘-10℃~+40℃ (DS-PD2-P10P-W(433MHz))
  • Next, the Humidity at which the device can operate is between 10% to 90%
  • Shell MaterialPC+ABS
  • Dimension(WxHxD)155 × 155 × 35mm(DS-PWA32-HSR(433MHz)) 117mm× 69mm× 50mm (DS-PD2-P10P-W(433MHz)) 84mm x 25mm x 20.99mm(DS-PD1-MC-WWS(H)(433M))63mm x 49mm x 16mm(DS-19K00-Y(433MHz))
  • Weight125g (DS-PD2-P10P-W(433MHz)) 37g(DS-PD1-MC-WWS(H)(433M)) 24.5g(DS-19K00-Y(433MHz))
  • Application Scenarioindoor
  • ColorWhite
  • Installation Height1.8m ~ 2.4m(DS-PD2-P10P-W(433MHz))
  • BracketIncluding 1 x Ceiling mounting bracket, 1 x Wall mounting bracket,used by DS-PD2-P10P-W(435MHz)


  • Audio Output1, 1.5W

Device Connection

  • First, it supports a Keyfob8
  • Next, it supports Wireless Siren4
  • Also, it supports a Tag Reader4
  • Finally, it supports a Keypad4
Thus, getting the HIKVISION DS PWA32 K Wireless Intrusion Alarm AxHub Kit will be a good investment for the safety of your home, office, or villa. and you will be very happy with your purchase in the long run.

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