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JABLOTRON JA-112P Bus PIR motion detector


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SKU JA-112P Category


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The JABLOTRON JA-112P motion detector sold in Lebanon by Smart Security Y.C.C is the best device to detect intruders inside your home and business. Thus, it helps you to enjoy a sound sleep.

Also, Its guaranteed detection coverage is 90° / 12 m. thus, the safety net of the device covers a large area.

Moreover, the device has a stylish shape that also suits luxurious interiors, and you can install it at different angles.

Furthermore, when the sensor detects an unusual move, it will send an alert to the connected devices.

The product is a bus system device for the JABLOTRON 100+. It is designed to detect human body motion inside buildings. The detector meets the highest quality and design requirements, making it suitable even for luxurious interiors.

Besides standard positioning in a corner of a room it can be installed on a wall surface using a JA-196PL-S bracket where the detector is partly recessed and elegantly blends with the wall. For special applications such as e.g. ceiling mounting or an inclined detection angle the JA-191PL articulated holder can be used.

Features of  the JABLOTRON JA-112P:

  • The detector has impulse activation.
  • The detector can be used to control programmable PG outputs.
  • The resistance to false alarms is adjustable at two levels.
  • The detector provides standard resistance to white light at the level prescribed by the standard (up to 6000 lux).
  • The detector is addressable and it occupies one position in the system.
Technical specifications
Compatible with
F-Link 2.0.0 and higher
from the control panel BUS 12 V (9 … 15 V)
Current consumption in standby mode
5 mA
Current consumption for cable choice (maximum)
16 mA
Recommended installation height
2.5 m above the floor
Detection angle / detection range
90°/12 m
62 x 110 x 40 mm
77 g
Grade 2/Environmental class II (According to EN 50131-1)
Operational environment
Indoor general
Operational temperature range
-10 °C to +40 °C
Average operational immunity
75 % RH, non-condensing
Certification body
Trezor Test s.r.o. (no. 3025)
Complies with
EN 50131-1 ed. 2+A1+A2, EN 50131-2-2, EN 50130-4 ed. 2+A1, EN 55032, EN 50581

This device will provide your home and business with security and peace of mind to sleep soundly during the night.

Our customer service support employees at Smart Security Y.C.C are always ready to help you set up this device for your home and business. Please contact us and don’t hesitate.

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JABLOTRON is the leading provider of intelligent security devices distributed by Smart Security in Lebanon. It is an international technology company that develops innovative products. and these products are designed to secure your smart home and office from all expected threats. They have received many certifications including an ISO 9001, ISO 13485, and an ISO 27001. So All these certifications are clear evidence that JABLOTRON is at the top of their game regarding quality and assurance. Moreover, their products are a world bestseller across 73 countries and that shows trust, and satisfaction in their products. Additionally, they have over 30 years of experience in the field of developing and production of alarm systems. JABLOTRON products from Smart Security include alarm panels, Bus and wireless motion sensors, bus; and wireless smoke sensors. Also bus; and wireless magnetic contacts, keypads; and controllers, as well as siren sounders. That is why Smart Security makes JABLOTRON a choice product when improving your smart home, and office security. Furthermore, Smart Security provides you with capable staff that are experts at installing, maintaining, and fixing Jablotron products if needed. In the end, it is your turn to secure your home by buying these products to safeguard yourself or your company. So call Smart Security now, and have the benefit of a free consultancy from our professional consultants.


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