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MC4 Connector 1 way For Solar Panels


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SKU MC4 Connector 1 way For Solar Panels Category
SKU MC4 Connector 1 way For Solar Panels Category


Out of stock


The MC4 Connector 1 way sold in Lebanon by Smart Security Y.C.C is the best solar accessory that will give your solar panels the best performance.

First, this MC4 connector meets all the new solar energy industry standards to make sure that your solar panels give you the best performance.

Next, the MC4 connector’s great design allows for an easy and more secure snap-lock mating of the other end.

Additionally, its simple unlocking mechanism meets the NEC requirements and this will make uncoupling so much easier.

Moreover, it has a long-term UV and Ozone resistance which will make it last longer in the scorching heat.

Likewise, the connector is able to last longer when exposed to hydrolysis, oil, chemicals, and abrasions.

Besides, it is resistant to corrosion, and extreme temperatures, making it ideal for most weather conditions.

Furthermore, it has one of the highest electric current ratings in the solar energy industry.

Also, this MC4 connector has low contact resistance which means that you will have less loss of power.


Features of the MC4 Connector 1 way For Solar Panels:

  • Meets all new industry standards
  • Quick and easy secure snap-lock mating
  • Simple unlocking tool meets NEC requirements
  • Long-term UV and Ozone resistance
  • Withstands hydrolysis, oil, chemicals, abrasion,
  • corrosion, and extreme temperatures
  • Highest current rating in the industry
  • Low contact resistance means low power loss
  • Ready for field assembly
  • No assembly required, no small parts to lose


Finally, this device is great for any solar panel in Lebanon as well as for any Solar energy project. Thus you can be sure that it will allow your solar panel the best performance.

So call us today and we at Smart Security Y.C.C will help you make the best choice for your solar energy project in Lebanon!


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