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Panasonic Corded Phone KX TS820


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SKU KX-TS820 Category
SKU KX-TS820 Category


Out of stock


The Panasonic Corded Phone KX TS820 provided by Smart Security is a great phone to own in Lebanon.

Moreover, It allows Features a Slim design with an LCD display. In fact, the phone looks really good in almost any home or office thanks to its design.

Furthermore, it has a Speakerphone. After all, all good phones feature such a function because it allows users to receive and call hands-free or allows conference calls.

Additionally, it allows you to have a Redial memory Caller ID compatible with call logs.

Also, these old-fashioned yet easy-to-use landline phones look really great in any home or office. Indeed, here we are talking about the traditional landline phones but with the increase in technology.

Apart from this, it is also assembled with an alphanumeric display type marvelous feature. At the top of it, this phone is completely easy to install and use.

Along with this awesome device comes with caller ID memory. You can see the name and contact number of the caller if his/her contact is saved on your landline phone.

Apart from all these functionalities, there are some more which are speaker volume buttons to increase or decrease the volume, flash and redial button to dial the last called number.

Also, this phone has a programmable flash time setting as well as a pause function.

Features of the Panasonic Corded Phone KX TS820:

  • 20-One-Touch / 10-Speed Dialer
  • One-Touch Redial
  • 39cm Long Curl Cord
  • 2-Step Tilt Angle
  • Programmable Flash Time Setting / Pause


Thus, adding this Panasonic corded phone is a good investment for a better, home, office, or business.

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