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Somfy Badge reader for Connected Door lock


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SKU Card Reader RFID Pack Category
SKU Card Reader RFID Pack Category


Out of stock


The Somfy Badge reader for Connected Door lock is a very reliable device provided by Smart Security in Lebanon.

Moreover, the device allows you to lock and unlock your home door using your corresponding Somfy badge. that means you no longer have to carry keys with you in your keychain and wonder which key corresponds to your door.

Thus you no longer need to search your pocket or purse for your keys especially if you are carrying a lot of things.

Additionally, this device makes it easy for you to grant access to people you trust in your home. Therefore, you no longer have to go through the trouble of fabricating a new key.

Furthermore, the device features 3 badges a card, a bracelet, and a keychain for the designated door lock. thus you can open your door with ease and flexibility of use.


  • Lock and unlock your door with your badges
  • Give access to your family, friends, etc.
  • They can lock/unlock your door with their badges, all the time or on the time slots you have defined.
  • Pack of Badge Reader and 3 badges (card, bracelet, and key chain) for Connected Doorlock

Thus, getting the Somfy Badge reader for Connected Door lock is a great investment for your Smart home to make all its functions at your fingertip. Even more, imagine having the luxury and ease of opening your doors with one swipe of a badge.

So, call us today at Smart Security and let our professional operators help you make the best choice for your smart home.


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