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VAP-404 Teknim INTRUSION PANEL -4 zone


SKU Teknim INTRUSION PANEL -4 zone Category
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SKU Teknim INTRUSION PANEL -4 zone Category


Free Delivery For Giving A 5 Stars Review!


VAP-404 Teknim INTRUSION PANEL -4 zone

INTRUSION PANEL -4 zones on main control panel, expandable to 8 zones with optional zone expansion module or with hardwire zone-doubling. -Using each zone with NC or NO contacts devices with or without EOL resistors. -Selecting each zone as 12 different type (door, window, home, away, 24 hours, fire, tamper, panic etc.) -Adjustable zone response speed -Additional features of the zones (Entry/exit zone, follower zone, last-door zone, zone with audio / silentetc.) -Arming panel automatically without delay time by determining Entry/Exit zones, when someone exits from last-door. -Adjusting each zone as special zone in order to transmit alarm message to the central station without alarm siren. (for gas detectors, flood detectors) -Selectable cross zone and double hit features to avoid from false alarm. -Walking test for each zone. -Bypassing each zone manually or automatically.



TEKNIM distributed by Smart Security is the biggest domestic producer of alarm systems in Turkey.

Also, their products are sold in  30 plus countries and their client base is over 10,000 customers in Turkey alone.

So as you can see they have great trust from people that use their products worldwide.

Beside their client base, TEKNIM can boast about its products

As usual Smart Security introduced these products for the Lebanese consumer with their safety in mind.

Among the list of products available from Security are the fire panels that can detect fires by zones.

Moreover, Smart Security has the highest quality smoke detectors that can sniff out any fire the moment it starts.

Next, we move onto the alarm systems that come in various functions depending on your needs. There are glass break detectors, motion sensors, and intrusion detectors.

Also, we have alarm sirens and bells that accurate, high quality, and are sure to make any person take attention to any danger.

Finally, Smart Security offers you a full project from start to finish with all the components needed plus installation.

So for the best in safety products call Smart security and let our professional operators help you get the best deal for you.

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Teknim (Turkey)

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