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ZKTeco Multi-Biometric Time, Attendance and Access Control ZK P999


SKU ZK P999 Category
SKU ZK P999 Category



Multi-Biometric time & attendance and Access control , Palm recognition, fingerprint , proximity cards Palm capacity: 600 Fingerprint capacity: 3000 ID Card Capacity: 10,000 Communication: WI-FI , TCP/IP,USB-Host,ADMS Standard functions: Automatic Status Switch,DST , T9 input, 9 Digit User ID, Photo ID, Schedule-bell, Multilpe Vertify Mode Access Control Interface for Third Party Electric Lock, Door Sensor and

  • Palm recognition, fingerprint and affinity cards, palm capacity: 600
  • Fingerprint Capacity: 3000; ID Card Capacity: 10,000; Connectivity: WI-FI, AP, USB-host, ADMS
  • Standard Functions: Automatic Status Key, DST Input, T9 Input, 9-digit User ID, Photo ID, Activity Buzzer, Multiple Verification Mode
  • Access control interface for outdoor party electric lock, door sensor and EXT button, alarm and battery backup up to 4 hours
  • Optional Functions: MF Card, 3G, POE

Eixt Button, Alarm , Backup Battery up to 4 hours Optional functions: MF Card, 3G , POE

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ZKTECO distributed by Smart Security is the leading company in delivering biometric and access control devices to the world. They make the products that keep your company secure and working like a well-oiled German machine. Of course, their 16 plus years in the industry of fingerprint and biometric access controls give them that popularity. In addition, being present in 25 plus locations world-wide where they provide their services, indicates that as well. ZKTECO products have gained more than 11 awards both national and international. Also Major companies like KFC, Mac Donalds, and Mercedes Benz to name a few use their products to keep them safe and running. At Smart Security, we provide you with these products, because we know that you want the best. Thus we have a great lineup of products that range from fingerprint readers, access controls. Moreover, we have the beast in attendance machines the multi-biometric access controls. So if you want your company to be in the best shape it can be in. Call us now at Smart Security and let our professional team help you get the best solution for your needs.


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